The Unstoppable Influence of the Let Him Cook Video Original

Welcome to Goldsport, where we explore trending phenomena in the digital world. Today, we delve into the “Let Him Cook Video Original,” a viral sensation that has transcended its original form to influence various aspects of culture, from sports commentary to social media trends.

The Unstoppable Influence Of The Let Him Cook Video Original
The Unstoppable Influence Of The Let Him Cook Video Original

Key Takeaways

  • Origin: The “Let Him Cook” meme originated from a 2010 YouTube video by Jordan Collier.
  • Cultural Impact: The phrase and its gestures have influenced sports, media, and online communities.
  • Evolution: Originally a humorous encouragement, it now represents strategic freedom in sports and self-expression.
  • Popularity: Gained further traction through endorsements by sports celebrities and its adaptability to various contexts.
  • Continued Relevance: Continues to evolve and find new meanings, showing the dynamic nature of internet culture.

The Genesis of a Viral Sensation

The Birth of “Let Him Cook”

The phrase “Let Him Cook” traces its roots to a 2010 YouTube video, “LIL B BASED COOKING (LET THAT BOY COOK),” featuring Jordan Collier. This video displayed a simple, yet captivating cooking gesture to Lil B’s song, sparking an internet trend.

Spreading Like Wildfire

Quickly amassing views, this video became the cornerstone of the “Let Him Cook” movement. It represented a visual and verbal symbol for creative freedom and self-expression, evolving into various forms and meanings across the internet.

The Cultural Seasoning

The Flavor of Viral Content

The “cooking” motion and phrase seasoned everything from sports commentary to online banter. It became a symbol of encouragement, a rallying cry for authenticity, and a humorous response to various endeavors.

Mainstream Media’s Embrace

Popular TV shows like “Breaking Bad” incorporated “let him cook,” showcasing its versatility and widespread acceptance beyond its original context. This adaptation into mainstream media signifies the phrase’s powerful influence.

The Cultural Seasoning
The Cultural Seasoning

The Ever-Cooking Pot of Internet Culture

A Culinary Metaphor for Creativity

“Let Him Cook” evolved from a simple YouTube video into a robust cultural catchphrase. It has flavored various aspects of culture, illustrating the internet’s role in remixing and repurposing content. This phenomenon reflects the digital age’s ability to amplify messages and engage diverse communities.

Sports and “Let Him Cook”

In sports, it became a battle cry for strategic freedom, especially noted in the context of the Seattle Seahawks and quarterback Russell Wilson. It highlights the trust in an athlete’s decision-making and abilities, uniting fans and commentators around the concept of strategic autonomy.

The Continuing Journey

Endurance as a Cultural Phenomenon

The “Let Him Cook” meme has been boosted by celebrities in sports like NBA star James Harden and NFL quarterback Russell Wilson, ensuring its enduring popularity and adaptability in various contexts.

Beyond Sports: A Universal Catchphrase

The phrase has been adapted to contexts as varied as a rallying cry for a sporting director in soccer and as a part of a popular video game, showcasing its universal appeal and the boundless creativity of internet users.

The Rise of “Let Him Cook”: From Viral Video to Cultural Phenomenon

In this second part of our deep dive into the “Let Him Cook Video Original” phenomenon, we explore how a simple YouTube video grew into a cultural mainstay, influencing language, social media trends, and even sports. Goldsport brings you the story of this meme’s journey from internet slang to a universal catchphrase.

The Slang’s Spread Across Platforms

Omnipresence in Social Media

“Let Him Cook” has become a ubiquitous catchphrase across platforms like TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram. Its widespread use in various contexts underlines its popularity and the intrigue surrounding its origins, which remain unknown to many.

Interpretation and Usage

The phrase generally means giving someone space to strategize or excel in their craft. For example, if someone is successfully flirting, saying “Let him cook” implies giving them room to continue without interruption, a metaphor for allowing space for success.

The Evolution of the Phrase

The Origin Story

The catchphrase originated with Lil B’s 2010 YouTube video “LIL B BASED COOKING (LET THAT BOY COOK).” This was the spark that ignited the “Let Him Cook” meme, a testament to the power of digital content in creating new cultural lexicons.

Ironic Use in Social Commentary

Interestingly, the phrase is often used ironically. In scenarios where the outcome of someone’s actions is expected to be negative, the phrase is employed to comment humorously on the situation, showcasing the internet’s penchant for satire and humor.

Impact on Sports Culture

Influence on American Football

The phrase has significantly impacted American football, particularly with the variant “Let Russ Cook” concerning Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Westbrook. This ironic usage underlines the phrase’s adaptability to various contexts, including sports, where it can be used to support or criticize athletes’ performances.


The transformation of “Let Him Cook” from a simple YouTube video to a cultural catchphrase highlights the dynamic nature of internet culture. Its adaptability across different platforms and contexts, from social media to sports, exemplifies the evolving language of the digital age. As we continue to witness the growth of digital culture, “Let Him Cook” serves as a reminder of the endless possibilities of online expression and its influence on our everyday language and interactions.

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