Unpacking the Viral “What’s Up Brother” Meme and Its Origins

The “What’s Up Brother” meme has become an iconic catchphrase thanks to NFL Madden streamer Sketch. With Sketch pointing his finger in the air and saying his line while wearing glasses, headphones, and a Houston Texans jersey, the meme took off across sports circles and male internet culture. We explore the background behind the viral clip and why it resonated so widely.

Origin NFL Madden streamer Sketch saying “What’s up brother?” on stream
Popularity Viral TikTok clip showing the catchphrase in action
Impact Became widely impersonated meme representing male culture

Unpacking The Viral “What’s Up Brother” Meme And Its Origins
Unpacking the Viral “What’s Up Brother” Meme and Its Origins

I. Origin of the “What’s Up Brother” Meme

The “What’s Up Brother” meme originated from popular NFL Madden video game streamer Sketch. During one of his livestreams, Sketch enthusiastically pointed his index finger up in the air and blurted out his signature catchphrase: “What’s up brother?” He would repeatedly bump his fists while chanting “Tuesday, Tuesday.”

Streamer Name Sketch
Catchphrase “What’s up brother?”

II. Popularity of the Sketch Catchphrase

Popularity Of The Sketch Catchphrase
Popularity of the Sketch Catchphrase

The “What’s Up Brother” meme exploded in popularity after a TikTok video went viral showing Sketch on a FaceTime call responding with his signature catchphrase. In the video, fellow streamer Jynxzi calls Sketch, prompting him to enthusiastically point his finger up and exclaim “What’s up brother?” while bumping his fists. This funny interaction captured the essence of the meme, resonating widely with sports fans and meme culture.

Viral Video Platform TikTok
Video Participants Sketch and Jynxzi (fellow streamer)

The TikTok video exposed the catchphrase to a mainstream audience beyond Sketch’s core fanbase. It became a pop culture touchstone, widely replicated and shared across male-dominated online communities.

III. Impact and Legacy of the Meme

Impact And Legacy Of The Meme
Impact and Legacy of the Meme

Mainstream Pop Culture Status

The “What’s Up Brother” meme has crossed over from its origins within streamer and sports fan circles into mainstream recognition. Sketch’s eccentric catchphrase, glasses, headphones, and hand gestures make him an iconic example of meme culture. He stands alongside other viral memes like Overly Attached Girlfriend in representing broader internet culture.

Platform User Base
TikTok 800 million+ monthly active users
Twitter 237 million monetizable daily active users

Strong Associations with Male Bonding

On a deeper level, the meme also connects to its roots within male subcultures around gaming and sports fandom. Sketch’s spirited catchphrase when bumping fists captures a sense of enthusiasm and bonding associated with these communities. The meme’s popularity mirrors a wider social phenomenon of male cultural touchstones spreading rapidly online.

Bros will be bros.

As such, while humorous on the surface, “What’s Up Brother” also reveals some profound insights into gender representation and group identity on today’s internet if analyzed more closely.

IV. Final Thought

The “What’s Up Brother” meme stands as a humorous example of how streamer culture can launch inside jokes into mainstream virality. Sketch’s natural charisma and catchphrase crossed over thanks to wider sharing on platforms like TikTok. It continues as a pop culture touchstone representing male bonding and sports fandom.

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