Watch The Remi Lucidi Video Original – His Final Moments

At Goldsport, we delve into the captivating and heart-wrenching story of Remi Lucidi, the French daredevil whose passion for extreme sports led to his untimely demise. This article explores the life and final moments of Lucidi, offering a comprehensive understanding of his adventurous yet perilous journey.

Watch The Remi Lucidi Video Original - His Final Moments
Watch The Remi Lucidi Video Original – His Final Moments

Key Takeaways

  • Identity and Background: Remi Lucidi, a 30-year-old French daredevil and social media personality.
  • Final Stunt: Tragically fell from the Tregunter Tower in Hong Kong.
  • Social Media Influence: Known for his daring feats on Instagram.
  • The Final Act: Circumstances surrounding his last climb and fall.
  • Public Response: The reaction from his followers and the broader community.
  • Safety in Extreme Sports: A discussion on the risks associated with urban climbing.

The Life of Remi Lucidi: From Daring to Devastating

Early Endeavors

Remi Lucidi’s journey into the world of extreme sports began in 2016. He rapidly gained attention on Instagram for his breathtaking climbs of towering buildings in cities like Dubai, Bangkok, and Warsaw. With a follower count of 12.8K, Lucidi’s posts often showed him perched perilously on spires, sans any protective gear.

Social Media Presence

His Instagram, teeming with videos of extreme sports, captured the essence of his adventurous spirit. Lucidi’s posts from various global locations, including France, the United Arab Emirates, and Portugal, showcased his daring and skillful climbs.

The Final Stunt: An Ill-Fated Climb

The Climactic Climb

Lucidi’s final stunt involved scaling the Tregunter Tower in Hong Kong. The South China Morning Post reported his last moments, where he was seen frantically knocking on a window on the 68th floor, seemingly seeking help before losing his footing and falling.

Circumstances of the Fall

Upon arrival at the Tregunter Tower, Lucidi told security he was visiting a friend on the 40th floor. However, it’s believed that he ascended to the 49th floor, from where he climbed to the top of the building, possibly forcing a locked door open to gain access.

The Final Stunt: An Ill-Fated Climb
The Final Stunt: An Ill-Fated Climb

The Impact of Remi Lucidi’s Death

Public Reaction

News of Lucidi’s death prompted an outpouring of grief from his followers. His social media accounts were inundated with tributes, as his last photo taken in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, garnered wishes of “eternal respect”.

Reflections on His Legacy

Lucidi’s bold and often dangerous pursuits not only captivated his followers but also sparked debates on the risks associated with extreme urban sports. His endeavors highlight the fine line between thrill-seeking and safety.

The Impact Of Remi Lucidi's Death
The Impact Of Remi Lucidi’S Death

Risks and Realities of Extreme Urban Sports

The Danger of Buildering

Buildering, the practice of scaling buildings, is fraught with risks. It’s not just the physical danger but also the legal implications, as it often involves trespassing or breaking and entering.

Safety Considerations

Despite the allure of such stunts, they underscore the importance of safety measures. Lucidi’s tragic end serves as a sobering reminder of the potential consequences of extreme sports undertaken without adequate precautions.

Lessons from Lucidi’s Tragic Tale

Reckoning with Risk

Remi Lucidi’s story is a poignant lesson in the balance between passion and peril. It raises critical questions about the extent to which individuals should pursue their thrill-seeking endeavors, especially in the face of evident risks.

A Call for Caution

His tale underscores the need for safety and responsibility in extreme sports. As admirers of such feats, we must also acknowledge the dangers and advocate for caution and preparedness.


In conclusion, Remi Lucidi’s life and tragic end serve as a stark reminder of the risks inherent in extreme sports. At Goldsport, we remember him for his daring spirit and the joy he brought to his followers, while also emphasizing the need for safety and responsibility in such endeavors. His legacy continues to inspire and caution future generations of thrill-seekers.


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