Remembering Jamison Bachman: A Tragic Obituary

If you’ve ever had a roommate, you know they can make or break your living situation. But what if your roommate wasn’t just messy or inconsiderate, but actually dangerous? That’s the chilling reality explored in Netflix’s true crime series “Worst Roommate Ever”, which features the disturbing case of Jamison Bachman. But who was Jamison Bachman, and what exactly made him such a terrible roommate? On goldsport.vn, we delve into the unsettling story of this real-life nightmare.

Name Born Died Known For
Jamison Bachman (aka Jed Creek) December 24, 1956, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA December 8, 2017, Eagleville, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, USA Serial squatter, subject of Netflix’s ‘Worst Roommate Ever’, charged with his brother’s murder

Remembering Jamison Bachman A Tragic Obituary
Remembering Jamison Bachman A Tragic Obituary

I. Who Was Jamison Bachman?

Jamison Bachman was a real-life mystery wrapped in a puzzle. He was like a chameleon, changing his name, his appearance, even his personality to fit into different situations. He seemed like a normal guy, maybe even a bit charming, but beneath the surface was something dark and twisted. It’s hard to believe, but Jamison was a serial squatter, a master of disguise, and a person who used his smarts to get away with bad things for years.

Name Known For
Jamison Bachman Serial squatter, using his legal knowledge to avoid paying rent
Jed Creek Bachman’s alias, used to deceive roommates

He was like a con artist, using his knowledge of the law to trick people into letting him live with them rent-free. He’d move in, act normal for a while, then start causing trouble. He’d refuse to pay rent, harass his roommates, even steal from them. It was like a bad dream, and unfortunately, for some people, it was their reality.

  • Bachman’s crimes went beyond just squatting. He was also accused of killing his own brother.
  • He was eventually arrested and imprisoned, but unfortunately, he took his own life before facing trial.

Who Was Jamison Bachman
Who Was Jamison Bachman

II. Bachman’s Early Life and the Murder of Ken Gutzeit

It’s hard to believe, but Jamison’s life was marked by a really sad and shocking event when he was just a student. His friend, Ken Gutzeit, was stabbed right in front of him by a guy named Randell Vidrine. It was a brutal, senseless act of violence that must’ve been absolutely terrifying for Jamison. It’s a story that really sticks with you, and it’s something that probably shaped Jamison’s life in ways we can’t even imagine.

Imagine you’re hanging out with your best friend, and suddenly this random person attacks him with a knife. It’s a nightmare scenario, and it’s something that would definitely leave a mark on you. That’s what happened to Jamison, and it’s a big part of his story.

Name Known For
Randell Vidrine The person who stabbed Ken Gutzeit
Ken Gutzeit Jamison’s friend who was murdered

Bachmans Early Life And The Murder Of Ken Gutzeit
Bachmans Early Life And The Murder Of Ken Gutzeit

III. The ‘Worst Roommate Ever’ and Bachman’s Crimes

This is where things get really creepy. It’s like a movie, but sadly, it’s a true story. “Worst Roommate Ever” is a Netflix show that tells the stories of people who had the worst roommates ever. And Jamison Bachman? He was the star of one of those stories. It’s like he was playing a game, tricking people into letting him live with them, then taking advantage of them. It’s hard to believe, but he used his knowledge of the law to make sure he could stay in their homes without paying rent, even when he was causing problems. It’s like he was playing a game, but the people he was playing with were real people, and he was hurting them.

Name Known For
Alex Miller Bachman’s roommate who posted a Craigslist ad for a room for rent
“Jed Creek” Bachman’s alias, used to deceive Alex Miller

Think about it, you’re looking for a roommate, and someone comes along who seems super nice. They say they’re a lawyer, and they promise to be respectful. You’d probably think, “Great, this is going to be awesome!” But that’s exactly what Jamison did. He used his fake identity to get into Alex Miller’s apartment. He was so good at pretending to be a normal guy, that Alex didn’t suspect a thing. But once he was in, he started acting out. It’s like he was playing a game, and he was winning, but the people he was playing with were losing. It’s a story that’s both fascinating and scary.

  • He didn’t pay rent.
  • He harassed Alex and her friends.
  • He even stole from them.

The Worst Roommate Ever And Bachmans Crimes
The Worst Roommate Ever And Bachmans Crimes

IV. The Death of Jamison Bachman

A Tragic End

It’s really sad, but Jamison’s story doesn’t have a happy ending. In 2017, he was arrested and put in jail because of the accusations about his brother. It’s tough to imagine what he was going through. It must have felt like the whole world was against him, and he was trapped in a situation he couldn’t escape.

Before he could even face a trial, something terrible happened. Jamison took his own life by hanging himself in his prison cell. It’s a heartbreaking way to end a life, and it makes you wonder what was going through his mind. It’s a reminder that even though someone might do bad things, they’re still human beings with their own struggles.

The Aftermath

After Jamison’s death, his story became a part of the Netflix show “Worst Roommate Ever.” It’s like a reminder that even though he’s gone, his actions and the impact he had on other people are still real. It’s a story that makes you think about the darker sides of human nature, and how even the most charming people can hide secrets.

The show brings attention to his crimes and the pain he caused, but it also gives a glimpse into his past. It’s a reminder that even though he did bad things, he was still a person with a story. It’s a story that leaves you with questions and a feeling of sadness.

Name Known For
“Worst Roommate Ever” Netflix documentary series featuring Jamison Bachman’s story
Alex Miller One of Bachman’s roommates who was featured in the documentary

The Death Of Jamison Bachman
The Death Of Jamison Bachman

V. Final Thought

Jamison Bachman’s story is a tragic one, marked by violence, manipulation, and ultimately, a lonely death. While the Netflix documentary sheds light on his crimes, it also raises questions about the circumstances that shaped his life. Bachman’s tale serves as a stark reminder of the importance of vigilance and the dark side of human nature that can lurk beneath a seemingly charming facade.

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