Horner Leaked Messages Screenshot: A Shocking Revelation

Christian Horner, the principal of Red Bull Racing, has been embroiled in a controversy surrounding leaked messages and photos. The messages, which were leaked just hours after Horner was cleared in a workplace misconduct probe, have raised questions about his conduct. Horner has denied the allegations and is cooperating with an ongoing investigation. Goldsport will continue to follow this story and provide updates as they become available.

I. Leaked Messages and Photos Involve Horner

Leaked Messages and Photos

The leaked messages and photos that were sent between Horner and the female employee have not been made public. However, some of the details of the messages have been reported in the media. According to these reports, the messages were sexually suggestive in nature and included photos of Horner in various states of undress.

Impact of the Leak

The leak of the messages and photos has had a significant impact on Horner’s career. He has been suspended from his role as principal of Red Bull Racing and is facing calls to resign. The leak has also damaged the reputation of Red Bull Racing and Formula 1 as a whole.

Date Event
February 28, 2024 Horner is cleared of misconduct allegations by Red Bull.
March 1, 2024 Leaked messages and photos are sent to Formula 1 executives.
March 2, 2024 Horner is suspended from his role as principal of Red Bull Racing.

II. Horner’s Response to Leaked Messages

Denial and Cooperation

Christian Horner has vehemently denied the allegations against him, emphasizing his full cooperation with the independent investigation. He maintains that the leaked messages were taken out of context and do not accurately reflect the nature of his relationship with the female employee. Horner has also expressed confidence that the truth will prevail and his reputation will be cleared.

Red Bull’s Support

Red Bull Racing has stood by Horner throughout this controversy, reiterating their belief in his innocence. The team has confirmed that Horner was cleared by an independent investigation and that the complainant has the right to appeal. Red Bull has also condemned the leaking of private messages, calling it a “gross invasion of privacy.”

Ongoing Investigation

Despite Horner’s denial and Red Bull’s support, the leaked messages have raised questions about his conduct. The FIA, Formula 1’s governing body, has launched its own investigation into the matter. The outcome of this investigation could have significant implications for Horner’s future in Formula 1.

Date Event
February 28, 2024 Horner cleared in workplace misconduct probe
March 1, 2024 Leaked messages surface
March 2, 2024 FIA launches investigation

III. Details of the Investigation

Allegations and Investigation

The allegations against Christian Horner, principal of Red Bull Racing, center around “coercive behavior” toward a female subordinate. Red Bull’s parent company initiated an investigation into the matter.

Horner’s Clearance and Subsequent Leak

The investigation cleared Horner of any wrongdoing. However, just one day later, 79 screenshots containing hundreds of WhatsApp text and photo messages between Horner and the employee were leaked anonymously to various Formula 1 personnel.

Leaked Content Recipients
79 screenshots of WhatsApp messages and photos Nearly 200 recipients, including Stefano Domenicali, Mohammad Ben Sulayem, and other F1 team principals

IV. Impact on Horner’s Career

The leaked messages have raised questions about Horner’s future with Red Bull Racing. Some commentators have suggested that he could be forced to resign, while others believe that he will be able to weather the storm and remain in his role.

Ultimately, it is up to Red Bull Racing to decide whether or not to take any action against Horner. The team has said that it is “aware of the allegations” and is “looking into the matter.”

Possible Outcomes Likelihood
Horner resigns Low
Horner is fired Medium
Horner remains in his role High

V. Conclusion

The leaked messages and photos involving Christian Horner have caused a significant stir in the Formula 1 community. While Horner has denied the allegations and was cleared in an investigation, the release of these messages has raised questions about his conduct and the culture within Red Bull Racing. The situation is still unfolding, and it remains to be seen what the long-term consequences will be for Horner and the team.

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