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Destini Creams, known by her social media handle Fit Mami, has been creating major buzz lately after her appearance on The FanBus YouTube channel. There, she dished out juicy details about her connections to rappers like Freddie Gibbs and DJ Akademiks. Our website Goldsport will dive deeper into the drama between Destini, Freddie, DJ Akademiks, and others. We’ll analyze Destini’s pregnancy allegations, her rival rapper accusations, and her ongoing beef with DJ Akademiks. For all the piping hot tea and hip hop gossip surrounding “destini creams fanbus“, stay tuned to Goldsport.

I. Destini Fox’s Rise to Fame

From Bartender to Instagram Model

Destini Fox worked as a bartender and cocktail waitress in her hometown before making it big on Instagram. After gaining a large following from racy photos showing off her curvy figure, Fox quit her service job.

Appearances on YouTube Channel FanBus

Fox’s Instagram fame led to appearances on FanBus, a new YouTube channel covering hip hop culture. On FanBus, Fox participated in juicy interviews detailing her alleged relations with various rap artists.

YearInstagram Followers
  • Bartender and cocktail waitress
  • Instagram model
  • YouTube personality

II. Her Pregnancy Allegations Against Rapper Freddie Gibbs

Destini Claims She’s Carrying Gibbs’ Baby

In a May 2022 FanBus interview, Destini Fox claimed she was pregnant by Indiana rapper Freddie Gibbs. She said they first connected in September 2021 when she slid into his DMs. After some flirting over text, Fox flew to Las Vegas in October to meet up with Gibbs. It was there that she alleges they conceived a child together during a wild weekend in Sin City.

Gibbs Denies the Allegations

Gibbs took to Twitter to deny Fox’s pregnancy claims. “I’m not taking care of no body [sic] child. Not mines,” he tweeted on May 19th. The rapper suggested Destini was clout-chasing for attention. Fox fired back, doubling down on her story and demanding Gibbs take a paternity test.

Destini FoxCarrying Gibbs’ baby after Vegas trip in October 2021
Freddie GibbsDenied the child is his and accused Fox of chasing clout

The Saga Continues

The pregnancy scandal took more turns when Fox revealed she suffered a miscarriage. Though she maintains Gibbs fathered the lost pregnancy, he denies ever meeting her in person. With two competing accounts, fans watch to see if the saga produces any evidence like a DNA test or further details on their alleged encounter.

  • Fox claims weekend tryst with Gibbs in Vegas in October 2021
  • Gibbs denies meeting Fox, says pregnancy claim is for clout
  • Fox reveals miscarriage but still alleges Gibbs involvement

III. Beef and Drama with Benny the Butcher’s Crew

Destini Fox claimed on a FanBus interview that rival rapper Benny the Butcher’s entourage once attacked and beat up her and Freddie Gibbs. She said they held her captive in a hotel bathroom while pummeling Gibbs. According to Fox’s account, the group violently retaliated against her and Gibbs over perceived disrespect towards Benny’s crew.

Involved PartiesAlleged Actions
Benny the Butcher’s crewJumping and beating Freddie Gibbs
Destini FoxHeld captive in bathroom

Fox’s story fueled speculation of bad blood between the two rap crews over territory and rap beefs. Her tell-all interview brought explosive allegations of violence to light in the ongoing rivalry.

IV. Spilling Tea About DJ Akademiks

Claims About Wild Partying and Escapades

Fox dropped bombshell allegations about DJ Akademiks’s party lifestyle filled with drugs and promiscuity. According to Fox, Akademiks often spends long nights partying while high on psychedelics and engage in casual sex encounters, sometimes with multiple partners in one evening.

DrugFrequency of Use
MDMA2-3 times a month

Dark Side of Fame and Success

Fox claimed that Akademiks suffers from loneliness and emptiness despite his lavish lifestyle. He purportedly confessed to her that his wealth and celebrity offers hollow rewards. This glimpse into his troubled state of mind humanized Akademiks to many fans.

“Behind the partying and girls, he’s depressed and feels so alone,” said Fox about Akademiks’s revelations.

Criticisms of Hypocrisy

By airing details of Akademiks’s debauched exploits after he himself criticized rappers for similar behaviors on his platforms, Fox highlighted his hypocrisy. Some fans called out Akademiks for holding others to a higher moral standard than he holds himself. The scandal raised questions about his credibility in judging other artists.

  • Drug use while criticizing drug-fueled lyrics
  • Promiscuity while mocking lyrics about sex
  • “Do as I say, not as I do” mentality

V. What’s Next for Destini Fox and FanBus

Potential Podcasts and YouTube Series

After going viral with her spicy interviews on FanBus, there is massive interest and momentum behind Destini Fox. She and the FanBus crew could look to capitalize on this hype by launching new podcasts or YouTube series featuring her talent for stirring controversy.

Some show ideas that could gain traction include:

  • The Fit Mami Podcast – With her candid storytelling, Fox interviews hip-hop stars, athletes, and influencers.
  • Beef Explained – Fox and FanBus break down the wildest rap beefs and celeb feuds.
  • Destini Unfiltered – An unscripted vlog series following Fox’s wild lifestyle.

Merchandise and Brand Partnerships

As her fame grows, Fox may look to cash in through merchandise sales and promotional partnerships.

FanBus could produce Fit Mami-themed apparel and accessories for Fox to promote to her followers. She may also score brand partnerships for products that match her image, like fashion lines, beauty brands, or fitness companies.

ItemPotential Partners
Athleisure WearGymshark, Fabletics
Hair ProductsSheaMoisture, Carol’s Daughter

Mainstream Breakout

With her gift for commanding attention, Fox has the potential to expand her audience beyond hip-hop fans and achieve mainstream fame.

She could leverage opportunities like appearances on popular podcasts, reality shows, or even a Netflix documentary. Wherever she goes next, all eyes will remain locked on Destini Fox.

Destini Fox has proven she was made for fame. Now the only question is: how big can Fit Mami get?

VI. Conclusion

Destini Fox has made a name for herself through controversy and gossip. Whether her claims prove true and what implications they will have if they do, remains to be seen. FanBus and Fox seem primed for more salacious revelations to come.

The information in this article is synthesized from multiple sources. We have tried to verify it but cannot guarantee complete accuracy. Exercise caution when citing this article.

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